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Companion Animal Psychology
Interview with Lili Chin about Doggie Language
Top Ten Books on Companion Animal Psychology in 2020
The Bark
Understanding Your Dog Better 
Doggie Language Author interview
GQ Magazine (UK)
Seventeen Best Gifts for Dog Lovers
The Sun on Sunday (UK)

What Your Dog's Behaviour Really Means

Adorable New Book Gives You a Glimpse Into Dog's True Feelings

Pets+ Magazine

Air Filtration Masks for Dogs and Other Business-Boosting Products for October and November

Cincy Pet Magazine Nov-Dec 2020

Annual Gift Guide

Your Best Ever Christmas magazine (UK)

Your Biggest Stocking Filler Book Guide

ifetch blog

Paw-some Gifts: The iFetch Holiday Dog Gift Guide

Whole Dog Journal Jan 2021

Product Review: Dog Gear of 2020

Today's Parent Jan 2021

Is Your New Dog Nipping, Humping or Playing Rough With Your Kids?

Dogster Magazine June-July 2021

Cool Dog People: Dog Careers That Led To Books

The Kennel Club (UK): Kennel Gazette magazine 2021

Book Review

Inside Your Dog's Mind Magazine 2021

Know The Difference

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