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Lili Chin

Lili Chin is an artist best known for co-creating the Warner Bros hit animated series "Mucha Lucha" and for her globally popular dog art.


Chin's dog illustrations have been used by dog trainers in books, educational programs, including in a World Health Organization dog bite prevention campaign. A partial list of prominent behaviorists, authors, and organizations that have used her dog art include Dr. Sophia Yin, Fear Free Pets, RSPCA, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and her viral Doggie Language poster has been translated into many different languages and is used by dog rescues and shelters around the world.


Chin’s story and work have been featured on websites ranging from Dogster and The Dodo, to the American Geographical Society and Scientific American. She also manages an online shop of her stylized prints and gift products. 

Chin's inspiration is Boogie, her rescued blue-eyed Boston Terrier (12.11.04 - 10.20.20). She currently lives in Los Angeles with a growing collection of boardgames and two newly adopted cats, Mambo and Shimmy.

Her next book - Kitty Language  (Ten Speed Press, 2023) is available now. 

To see more of Chin's work, please visit:

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Lili Chin is represented by Lilly Ghahremani, Full Circle Literary.

Lili Chin
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